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The average OMS is sued at least once in their career, and most never see it coming. Find help to face the unexpected — with the industry’s most experienced carrier.

Support for every step

Facing a malpractice claim is tough, but understanding how the process works can help you feel more prepared.  Here’s how we support you every step of the way:

If something happens in your practice that concerns you, call and talk to one of our claims specialists, who will offer reassurance and walk you through the next steps. 

While you get back to your daily routine, we get to work. Our lawyers and OMS experts — who have decades of experience — get together to develop a solid plan for your defense.

We stay with you through the entire process, remaining available to answer your questions and support you however you need us.

Should your claim go to trial, you can have peace of mind knowing our dental and OMS claims team wins 95% of trials.

An unmatched defense record

No other carrier has handled (or won) as many malpractice claims as us. When it comes to OMS, winning a malpractice case often requires resources outside of the profession.

If your company only insures OMS, they may not have the breadth of resources and insights to best defend your case. Being covered by a company with experience across professions can be the deciding factor in a malpractice lawsuit — and we have the winning record to prove it.


claims handled


claims close
without trial


dental and OMS trials result in a win


years’ average experience of claims managers


years of experience

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