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Get practical help to manage your risk and avoid malpractice claims with our risk management resources.

Risk Solutions

Key strategies Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) can use to identify safety and liability issues with telehealth and proactively implement safeguards.

Risk Solutions

How proper planning can help OMS practices comply with HIPAA requirements and other regulations when selling or closing a practice.

Robert A. Strauss, DDS, MD, FACS

An emergency is defined as “a serious unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate reaction.” It’s also an event that strikes fear, or at least should strike fear, into the heart of any practitioner.

Risk Solutions

Developing a strategy for interacting with patients online, including responding to both positive and negative online reviews.

Case Studies

Learn how to navigate situations in your practice with these real-life case studies.

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Get tips to help you and your practice manage risk with our clinical articles.

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Our risk solutions consultants are available to address risk management questions, issues, and concerns. Connect with them on your time by scheduling an appointment.

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Sharpen your risk management skills (and earn premium discounts) with our online CE courses.

Informed Consent Samples

Our sample forms can help you and your practice with informed consent — a key part of the provider/patient conversation prior to any treatment.




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