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Whether you’re new to malpractice insurance or just need a quick refresh, our Guide to Malpractice Insurance can help you understand the three factors to making a good decision:


Learn the difference between policy types and which one is right for you.


Discover how to choose between carriers and which stats to compare.


See how annual premium is calculated and why value wins over price.

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Here’s what our standard malpractice coverage includes.*

  • Flexible, unique coverage options
    We’re one of the few companies to offer both Claims-made and Occurrence coverage options. An Occurrence policy protects you throughout your career and beyond—eliminating the need for expensive tail coverage.
  • Pure consent to settle provision
    Unlike some malpractice insurance companies, we offer you pure consent to settle. This means you have the right to refuse settlement of a claim, without any catches.
  • No surgeon (or entity) left behind
    We don’t require your entire group to be insured with us for the entity to have coverage, unlike most companies. And if you’re part of a group insured by a company who does require this, we add vicarious liability for the practice at no additional cost to your policy.
  • Expertise across healthcare
    Unlike other companies, our expertise goes beyond oral and maxillofacial surgery. We’re trusted by over 300,000 healthcare providers in a wide range of specialties and facilities. That only adds to our defense, risk, and litigation knowledge.
  • Coverage into retirement
    You’ll get free tail coverage when you retire, regardless of your age. This can add up to thousands in savings.
  • Discounts and annual savings
    Get annual premium discounts for taking CE courses and avoiding claims. Plus, our ACOMS discount and other premium credits help OMS save thousands on their annual costs.

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